It’s August and the good weather has finally found it’s way to us. So make the most of it with our tips and tricks for keeping yourself and your home cool, fresh and airy. Here’s our August checklist:

Decorate with flowers

Put those beautiful summer blooms from your garden to good use. Not only do flowers look pretty and brighten up any room, they smell gorgeous, too. Even if you’re not an avid gardener and don’t have a garden full of roses, wildflowers can be just as pretty. Tie together with some string or ribbon to make them a little sturdier and make lovely dried flowers when you’re done with them.

Change your bedding

Nights are warm and only getting warmer! So swap that thick, winter duvet for a light, summer 4.5 tog, or even just a sheet and a blanket. You’ll feel much fresher waking up in the morning nice and cool!

Open the windows

During the winter months, we’re often so concerned with keeping warm that we forget about giving our home the fresh air it needs. Now that it’s warmer, get those windows open whenever possible. Those lovely summer breezes will air your home from one end to the other.

Clean away the cobwebs

Incy wincy’s webs can easily go unnoticed in the darkness of winter. But with the sun shining into every corner of your home, summer will soon bring them to your attention! Clean them up with a soft broom, the vacuum cleaner or a feather duster.

Make some ice lollies

A homemade lolly is a quick, cheap and healthy way of cooling down on a hot, summer afternoon. Lolly moulds can be found at reasonable prices from most supermarkets. Then it’s just as simple as filling with whatever juice you have in the fridge (orange is particularly refreshing) and popping into the freezer.

Spice up your salads

Cool and refreshing, salads are the perfect meal for hot summer months. But we all know they can get a little boring so why not find a way to liven them up a little? Try pan-frying some pine nuts and sprinkling them over the top. Mix in some quinoa to add some extra texture or add a little sour cream and pepper. You could even try adding some fruit, such as pieces of apple or some grapes. Of course, there are lots more tips online, as well as some delicious salad recipes!

Clear out your food cupboards

We’re used to keeping perishables in the fridge so it gets a better deal when it comes to being kept clean and tidy. But how often do you clean out your dry food cupboards? The hot weather will make any iffy smells worse so now’s the time to have a sort out. Chuck out any expired items, clean up any spills, and reorganise! You may even find tins or packets that are still in date but that you know you’ll never use. Rather than waste them, donate to your local food bank.