There are many ingredients that make up a good, old fashioned girly night in. Chocolate, takeaway, music, a rom-com on the TV, pyjamas, gossip, and a relaxing, comfortable ambience to take away all the stresses and strains of a busy working week. Oh, and the prosecco! How could we forget the prosecco!

Every girl loves a night in with her besties, and there is often plenty of planning that goes into the evening, even though it’s supposed to be a spontaneous, chilled-out affair!

We mentioned the ambience, and this is important. Relaxed and chilled out is the way to go if you want to let everyone kick back and chitter chatter, not having to be on show for anyone, and being able to cast away cares and worries. How can you do this? Well, the room is important, and one item which certainly gives a relaxing, warm glow is a candle.

Throw in a few lit candles and you’ll soon have everyone feeling dreamy and calm – the perfect starting point for rest and relaxation amongst friends.

Of course, the range of candles out there is huge, and you want to know you’re getting the right ones for the circumstances, right? Well, allow us to pick three of the best candles you can use in a girl’s night in, to get your ambience needs spot on.

WoodWick Lavender Spa 22oz Scented CandleWoodWick Lavender Spa Scented Candle

Purple is known to be a relaxing colour, calming, grounding, giving peace and serenity to a space, and the cool purple hue to this candle will look amazing in any living room. On top of this, lavender is known to be relaxing, and promotes total rest and recuperation. Of course, lavender also helps people sleep, so if you’re having a sleepover on top of your night in, all the better! Being relaxed means you can let go, and this candle really allows that feeling to seep into your unconscious. You may even think that you’re lost in some luxury spa somewhere, not your own living room!

Lily-Flame Daisy Dip Scented Tin

This is a seriously cute and girly candle, which basically has ‘girls night in’ written all over it; well, not literally, but you know what we are getting at! Great value for money at just £8.50, you get a whopping 35 hours of burn time too, which should cover you for more than one night in! A light, feminine fragrance, almost transporting you to a daisy-laden meadow somewhere, with a bright, blue sky, and fragrant flowers all around you, without being too overwhelming. Bliss!

Yankee Candle Shea Butter

We can’t talk candles and not mention Yankee Candle! Part of the Pure Essence collection, the shea butter version is luxurious, creamy, and has a feel of total pampering about it. Sweet, but not too sweet, and very girly in its scent, this will also look fantastic as part of a neutral or plain living space, also giving you up to 150 hours of burn time if you opt for the large jar.

If you’re planning your next girly night in, give these three suggestions a try from the huge range of candles we have for every occasion.

Photograph by Anders Adermark