Is it just me or as soon as the sun starts to shine do you suddenly notice smears on the windows, grubby finger marks on the walls and dust bunnies underneath the furniture? It must be time for a Spring clean-a-thon!

Time to pull on your marigolds and pull out the sofa.  Wipe down those long-forgotten places like the skirting boards and the top of doorframes. Spend hours mopping, vacuuming, steaming, dusting, jet washing and sweeping your way to a spotless home. Sounds very rewarding and completely exhausting to me!

The perfect finishing touch is a clean and fresh home fragrance. Something that smells freshly laundered like Crisp Cotton by On A Wick and a Prayer or Yankee Candle’s Clean Cotton (this scent always reminds me of hanging out the baby grows when my boys were little!). Zingy citrus scents also work well – try zesty Paddywax Verbena and Lemongrass or the soapy Heyland & Whittle Citrus & Lavender.

You could also just create the illusion that you’ve been cleaning all day by spraying furniture polish on the radiators like a friend of mine does before her Mother in Law visits – one of the best home fragrance tips I’ve ever heard!

Jo x
Love Aroma