We are all about filling your home with fragrance, but what we love about Fragrance Lamps, is that they don’t just mask bad odours like strong cooking, smoking or pets smells – they banish them! It’s like a cleansing system for the air in your home that leaves behind a magnificent scent, with many layers of long-lasting fragrance.

At Love Aroma, you’ll discover two brands of Fragrance Lamps that we believe are the best in class – Lampe Berger Paris and Ashleigh & Burwood.

Founded in 1898, Lampe Berger Paris is a name that is now synonymous with exquisite home fragrance. Based on the same catalytic diffusion system that Maurice Berger invented over one hundred years ago, Lampe Berger purifies the air in your home and delivers beautiful fragrances produced in top end French perfume houses and created by master perfumers.

It’s a great story. Maurice Berger, a pharmacy dispenser in France, developed and patented the technology in order to purify the air in hospitals. At the time, air-born disease was rife, and his purifying lamp technology helped to reduce the contaminants in the air. Lamps were welcomed into hospitals and it wasn’t long until they were to be found inside homes and workplaces. As living conditions improved and desire for exquisite design increased, the lamps became more opulent and Lampe Berger introduced fragrances to their oils.

Almost 100 years later a specialist home fragrance company called Ashleigh & Burwood formed in London. Their range of artisan crafted decorative lamps instantly adds a touch of glamour to your home and infuses the air you with the blissful scent of your choice whilst purifying your surroundings, destroying harmful bacteria and banishing unwanted odours.

The triumph of the Fragrance Lamp is thanks to it’s unique catalytic stone. To begin the catalytic combustion process, the stone must be heated by a flame, causing air to flow over the contours of the stone and destroys pollutants and most bacteria that may be present. During this process, the Lamp draws up the fragrance through the stone and releases it into the air simultaneously.

What Our Experts Say About Fragrance Lamps:

“Such a great product that I was completely new to and can honestly say I’ve been converted and have recommended it to friends. I am very happy to have found it… looking forward to trying more of the fragrances!” Deb Kendall, Love Aroma Expert & Owner – Fabulous Places

We believe you will love the simple ritual of using a Fragrance Lamp every day to cleanse and fragrance the air in your home. Simply choose a lamp design that compliments your style of décor and create your own personal atmosphere with a fragrance inspired by nature, tender memories or distant places.  Changing the fragrance is easy – simply use a neutralizer to cleanse the burner before adding a new fragrance (it can also be used on it’s own to deodorize without perfuming or to dilute the intensity of a fragrance).

Each lamp comes with a full set of easy-to-follow instructions…

Lampe Berger Step by Step

Unfortunately, using home fragrance doesn’t replace the usual chores that keep your home smelling fresh – you’ll still need to open the windows, vacuum the carpets, mop the floors and ask smokers to go outside. Sorry about that!