We love home fragrance! From reed diffusers to oil burners – if it helps make our homes smell divine, we like. One fragrance in particular that has been capturing our attention recently is Pairfum’s Black Orchid range. Pairfum is a brand that brings the essence of haute couture perfume into your home, and we’re currently in love with their Black Orchid fragrance.

Pairfum’s Black Orchid scent has been carefully formulated to bring out the best of summer in your house all year round. Designed and meticulously tested by the skilled perfumers at Pairfum, the scent holds delicate top notes of all-natural Anjou pear, dark cassis and orange slice. These are complemented beautifully and indulgently with a floral heart of black orchid, violet, olive leaf, freesia and – an innovative choice – ginger. Finally, Pairfum have carefully formulated the base to bring all of the scents together with musk, copahu balm and handpicked vanilla pod. We’re in love with the result – together, the scents recreate something very special that you’d count yourself lucky to smell anywhere in nature.

The stylishly designed reed diffusers will work for a minimum of six months, and will gently spread to all parts of your home – we like to keep them in the hallway, however, as we enjoy coming home and instantly being whisked away by this delicate mix of scents. There’s nothing better to arrive at than a home that smells as good as this. Alternatively, the snow crystal candles will fill your room with the wonderful Black Orchid fragrance thanks to the incredibly clean burning wax. It is truly unlike any other candle we’ve tested.

The entire Pairfum range is no different than any of our other products, in that it has been meticulously tested by our experts to guarantee complete satisfaction. We love this product, and we are absolutely certain you will too. Every part of the Black Orchid perfume has been sourced as ethically and naturally as possible, and through this we hope to bring you closer to nature from the comfort of your own home.

Home fragrance is one thing, but this is more than just a scented candle or reed diffuser. Black Orchid by Pairfum really is something special!