Stoneglow Candles offer some of our most popular candles and diffusers. It’s easy to see why when you look at their long history of making quality candles by hand in the UK. The hard work and attention to detail that goes into every candle is obvious straight away. From the lush packaging to the wicks of the candles, everything feels top notch

Who are Stoneglow?

Stongeglow Candles are a family business based just outside of London. They’ve been going strong for 21 years and show no signs of slowing down or compromising on their quality. In fact, they’ve been winning awards over the last year.

In their own words, Stoneglow Candles make ‘artisan’ candles with techniques passed down ‘from father to son.’ This makes us at Love Aroma think of the days when artisans took pride in their work. And if that doesn’t shout quality and attention to detail, then we don’t know what does.

They even have their own design team who work with companies to create unique products especially for them. Once they’ve created that product they then make it themselves! No outsourcing to factories around the world – they do everything themselves. In a modern world of fast fashion and cheap consumer goods, this is almost unheard of.

Why do we love Stoneglow Candles?

We wouldn’t sell Stoneglow Candles if we didn’t love them ourselves, and there are a few good reasons we do love them.

  1. They design all of their own candles and scents themselves

This means any Stoneglow Candles you buy in Love Aroma stores or on our website are unique!

  1. They use only cotton wicks

A cotton wick burns more evenly and produces less smoke. How great is that?

  1. Everything – and we mean everything – is made by hand

First of all, the candle and scent waxes are blended together by hand – no machines are involved. Then the wax is poured into jars, pots, and containers – again, by hand. The cotton wicks are added to the candles after this. And finally they’re poured again into their final containers. All by hand!

  1. Every candle is individually checked

That’s right – every candle is checked before it’s sent out. Every candle! That’s an extremely high level of quality control which means all of their candles are guaranteed to be a high standard.

  1. Candles burn evenly

Nothing is quite as bad as having a candle that burns unevenly. Stoneglow Candles make sure that doesn’t happen by testing their wonderful candles for even burning on a regular basis.

  1. They are a UK firm that make their candles in the UK

In a global world it’s rare nowadays to find something designed and produced in one country. That’s why we love Stoneglow Candles – they do exactly that!

  1. You love them

People who buy Stoneglow Candles love them. End of. So we know that you’ll love them too.

Check out our range of Stoneglow Candles and diffusers and see for yourself what all the fuss is about. We know you’ll be impressed!