We hope you enjoy reading our guest blog by Rachel Parker from The Fragrance Lounge…


When it comes to being eco-friendly, Paddywax is, as they say, ‘on it’.  They  use 100% post-consumer recycled packaging, upcycled glass, lead-free cotton wicks, responsibly sourced wood from sustainable forests (I could go on!) … they even plant trees!

When the team are developing their ranges they’re not only thinking of the product’s life as a candle or diffuser, but also its ‘afterlife’.  The beauty of their vessels encourages you to REuse, REcycle and REvive what can be, let’s face it, a rather sad looking jar once the last flicker of light has gone out.

The Relish Collection, stocked by Love Aroma, is the perfect example as it pays homage to the trend of repurposing vintage jars.  The striking coloured glass jars are simply too gorgeous to throw away so I have come up with a plan!

Vintage Jars - Chandeliers

The first thing you need to do is clean out your candle.  There are many ways to do this but we find the simplest, and safest, method is to put the candle jar in the freezer for a few hours.  The wax will become cold and brittle and should just pop out if you tap the glass (it might need some gentle coaxing with a knife).  Any remaining wax should come away easily with a gentle scrub.  In theory (assuming you’ve followed the burning instructions) you shouldn’t be left with any black marks in the glass, but IF you do have marks they should come off with good old washing up liquid and warm water, or makeup remover and a cotton pad.

So, once the necessary housekeeping bit is done here are a few ways you can upcycle your Relish candle jars:

In the bedroom


Why not store your eyeliners, eye shadows, lip glosses and brushes away in the large vintage jars.  Your dressing table will look so much tidier, and your room will be filled with a bit of colour thanks to these beautiful coloured vessels!

In the kitchen


The large jars are great for holding spoons, pastry brushes, scissors – basically anything to help you de-clutter your kitchen utensil drawer


They also make funky caddies for tea, coffee and sugar.  The small jars are perfect for herbs and spices, just ensure you tie a small label around each jar to avoid any confusion!!

In the study


My desk has had a mini-makeover now I have found a home for my paperclips, staples, drawing pins and pens.  The colourful row of little jars has also cheered up my rather utilitarian study!

Vintage Jars - Buttons

In the bathroom


The gorgeous aqua blue Ocean Tide & Sea Salt and white Sweet Cream & Honey vintage jars look amazing in the bathroom.  You can use them to store away all those bathroom ‘essentials’ or perhaps create a coastal feel by filling the jars with shells, pebbles and sand collected from special holiday destinations.    Paddywax Vintage Jars - Shells

In the garden


Pop a tea light in your candle jars and dot them around the garden to create a lovely atmospheric glow at BBQs and summer soirees


Your children could create their own herb garden by planting seeds in the jars; just imagine their excitement as they watch their crop grow!

Vintage Jars - Herb Garden

These are just a few ideas, there are so many other ways you can REuse, REcycle and REvive your old candle jars.  If you have any ideas perhaps you can share them with Jo at Love Aroma.  This is such a simple way to do your bit for the environment – go green with style!

Rachel Parker
The Fragrance Lounge