Yankee Candle Shades and Trays

Discover our complete collection of Yankee Candle Shades and Trays. Here at Love Aroma we love all things home fragrance, including items that make our favourite Yankee Candles look even better. Pair a Yankee shade or tray with your favourite scent and watch as the candle becomes the centrepiece of any room. Yankee Candle Shades are designed to fit Yankee large and medium jar candles perfectly and they are styled in a way that matches their fragrances. Opt for a darker Yankee shade with a dark wax, or go for the opposite and pair a bright colour Yankee Candle shade and tray with it to make a statement.

Yankee Candle trays are excellent at protecting surfaces as well, so you don't need to worry when your candle reaches the end of the jar.

Of course, you can always get creative too by mixing and matching one yankee candle shade with a different style of yankee tray to create a unique look.

Yankee candle shades and trays are a must have accessory for anybody who loves scented candles as much as we do!

Yankee Candle Shades and Trays

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