Mandarin Scented Candles and Diffusers

Sweet, smaller oranges were once considered a delicacy here in the UK, and were presented at royal feasts and other special occasions. Thanks to the modern world, we can all have mandarins in our kitchens and in our food without too many problems (unless you’re allergic, we can’t really think of any problems). This ripe, sweet, citrus flavour is a great addition to food and a wonderful addition to the fragrances in your house. Full of energy and zing, this is a great fragrance that will light up any home.

One of our favourite scents from this range comes from the expert candle makers over at Paddywax. Not only is this a delicious, cleverly formulated and wonderfully intoxicating candle, it’s also completely green! Housed beautifully in a recycled wine bottle with a cute wooden lid, this eco-candle will light up your home and keep your conscience clean! The Exo-green Mandarin and Lavender candle is definitely a great choice from this range, but we look forward to hearing your favourites!

Mandarin Scented Candles and Diffusers

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