Cherry Scented Candles and Diffusers

Sweet, luscious and luxurious cherries are a real colourful, natural and bright thing to have around the kitchen or as part of the meal, and whist they don’t smell of much out in the air, we all know how great they smell when they’re baked into a cake. Our cherry scented candles recreate the delicious, intoxicating scent of freshly cooking cherries and combine it with other bright, vibrant fragrances to create a series of complicated, passionate, luxurious candles that would suit the bedroom or bathroom beautifully.

One of our very favourite candles from this succulent range is WoodWick’s cherry bark candle. This takes the fruity, rich flavour of cherries and mixes it into a woodier and almost more natural environment of scents that complements the cherry beautifully. Rich amber and plum notes are also present, as well as sweet sugared cherry notes and a rich heart of whipped vanilla cream. An indulgent, sexy candle with a wonderfully natural touch. We love the colour, too – bright pink is always a lot of fun.

Cherry Scented Candles and Diffusers

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