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We’re so pleased to be able to bring Kringle Candle straight to our customers. Kringle have long been one of the most respected brands in the area as far as high-quality candle making is concerned, and with their combination of big scents, great combinations and delicately formulated wax, it’s easy to see why they get so much love from their customers around the world!

As Kringle say themselves, their candles are part science, part art. The question we had (because we like to double check everything for your enjoyment) was ‘what half is which?’. Well, Kringle were thrilled to answer that. Whilst the way they make their candles is careful and precise and takes very careful calculations and thinking and work, their scents and fragrances are pure art. Wax and wick design and making sure the scents are released at the right rate, at the right time, and with the best possible quality is pure Kringle-style science, but the scents they release in the science couldn’t be more artistic. Fragrances like Pineapple Sunset are delicious and sweet and full of flavour, and illustrate our point beautifully.

Kringle are a great candle maker for a whole variety of reasons, not least because of the way they approach every single product in their range – by testing, and testing, and testing until they have a perfect product ready and waiting at the very best it can be for their customers. That’s why we’re so pleased to welcome Kringle into the LoveAroma family – because they care just as much as we do about delivering great products to customers at a fair price. We’re so grateful to our customers for coming to Love Aroma, and it’s great we can reward you with wonderful, carefully made brands like Kringle Candle.

Kringle also love hearing from you – with their customer-facing attitude, they’re more than happy to take any kind of designs from their customers to the lab. We at LoveAroma get a lot of requests from our customers for candles that they’d like designed, and it upsets us that we don’t have the facilities to try out some of your great ideas. With that in mind, we’re so pleased to work with a company that likes to hear your ideas. If you have any, why not get in contact with them and see what they think? Just an idea.

One Kringle candle we’re particularly thrilled to stock here at Love Aroma is their lovely Balsam Fir. Such a natural, green, healthy scent is a difficult thing to extract and capture in wax, yet Kringle have done it beautifully with this lovely candle. The Kringle touch is evident here, as well – the candle burns cleanly, the wax is packed full of high-quality natural ingredients, the wick lasts just as long as it should and the scent is clean and natural and delicious. An excellent candle from people who must love their work – there’s no way they’d make something this great any other way.

Another warming scent from the Kringle collection is “Apple Pie”. A candle with a spicy-sweet perfume, with rich butter notes, a scattering of cinnamon and a tangy, hot-apple centre; the chord from this scent builds and builds and builds in a room until it’s deliciously warm and homey. It’s a wonderful, rich candle that – we’re assured – is made with the freshest and most natural ingredients. The combination of beautiful, sweet and well-combined flavours with a well-made wick and clean wax makes, again, for a really great candle.

The quality of the candle itself is one thing – but something else we know is so important to our customers is the way the candles look. After all, they are supposed to look and smell good in the home, and are, essentially, decorations. Normally, our customers are looking for minimalism and simplicity and something that will complement something that’s already in their home, and this is another thing that Kringle do so very well. Quite simply, their candles look as great as they smell! Making use of clear glass and simple colours, these are wonderfully high-quality fragrances that look the part!

Kringle Candle is the brainchild of Mick and Mike Kittredge. For those of you that haven’t been following our blog, Mike was previously the founder of another of the brands we stock here – Yankee Candle, the world’s largest candle company. After selling off the equity of Yankee Candle to a separate company, Mike left the candle game only to get back in 10 years later when it transpired his son wanted to form Kringle! Few people in the world must know the scented candle business quite as well as Mike Kittredge, and the combination of his business savvy with Mick’s unfaultable taste in fragrance and looks has lead to Kringle as we know it today – a great, high-quality rand committed to delivering only the best to its – and, so, our – customers.

We have just enough space left to wax (pun intended) lyrical about another of Kringle’s quality scents. Baker’s Vanilla is simply above other vanilla flavoured candles, being packed full, as it is, with fresh and delicious vanilla scent through and through and through. With top notes of exotic sweet benzoin, a heart of rich sandalwood and a simple, all-natural base of rural Tonka bean from Japan, this is a candle that would be lacking some direction if it wasn’t for the pervasive, fresh vanilla that runs through the entire chord. A great, simple, quality candle suitable for anyone.

So: great quality, natural, carefully made, beautifully fragranced and carefully designed candles from a great bunch of scientists and artists and people who are somewhere between the two. And there you have it – this is why we’re so pleased to have Kringle here at LoveAroma and we’re sure you will be too! If you have any questions at all about the products in this range or would like to get in contact for any reason, please feel free – we love hearing from you! Happy shopping right here at LoveAroma.

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