madebyzen Aroma Diffusers and Fragrance Oils

madebyzen are aroma diffuser and fragrance oil specialists that are dedicated to bring the work of young, talented British scent artists to the foreground. With a committed team of perfumers and distributors, and with the help of their ultrasonic scent diffusers, they’re making huge steps in an immensely competitive industry. 

Inspired by clean, modern, pure designs and powered by cutting-edge technology, madebyzen are one of the many suppliers that we are thrilled to stock. Using intelligently chosen and extremely high-quality ingredients, madebyzen have produced some truly inspiring aromas, such as the Casablanca Lily signature fragrance oil, which is marvellously bright, musky and unabashedly romantic.

madebyzen have made it clear that they are here to stay and are entirely committed to making great, sumptuous and enjoyable perfumes. Their philosophy is to remain inspired and to continue to enjoy the products they produce – in their words: “We are passionate about our products, and if a product doesn’t fire our imaginations, then it does not fit in our brand!”

One of the most impressive things about the madebyzen range is their unique ultrasonic perfume diffusers, which are designed to fragrance a home gently, and without any heat, flame or smoke! Utilising intelligent design and modern technology, the ultrasonic diffusers produce delicate, tiny fountains of cool mist that diffuse out into a room to bring character and colour through your entire house. These work by sending sound waves through the perfume and water mixture and causing the water and oil to break apart into tiny bubbles of fragrance which are then liberated into the air and allowed to float freely on the air currents in your home.

Because they use ultrasonic technology, the diffusers produce cool mist that won’t be a damage to your home and will eventually bring the soothing scent into every room. Additionally, the technique uses much less power than a traditional diffuser and is a truly beautiful sight to watch as the cool mist leaves the stylishly designed diffuser within minutes. Even without the perfume, many of the diffusers in the madebyzen range can also act as air purifiers and even without perfume can refresh and clean the air in a room.

One of our favourite perfumes from the madebyzen range is the fresh mint and grapefruit signature oil, which, when combined with the delicate mist, offers a relaxation experience that is seldom matched in your own living room. The fresh, crisp and simple mint notes blend seamlessly with the zesty grapefruit and background notes of warming ginger to produce a calm, delicate and refreshing chord and a truly wonderful perfume.

With their expertly designed perfumes, promotions of young perfumers, cutting-edge technology that will purify your air even without any perfume (and fill the air with high-quality scents when there is perfume) and stylishly designed products, we’re certain you’ll love madebyzen just as much as we do.

madebyzen Aroma Diffusers and Fragrance Oils

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