Coconut Scented Candles And Diffusers

Coconut is a wonderful, bright, lively scent that brings to mind an exotic island, sun, sand, and finding richness in the most unexpected places. Here at Love Aroma we’re really pleased with out coconut collection from a wide variety of talented and dedicated candle makers from all over the world. Coconut is one of those wonderful scents that blends and complements other scents so, so well – it may be great on its own, but it’s even better in company!

One of our very favourite fragrances from this wide range comes from the extremely talented people over at Heyland and Whittle. Their coconut, vanilla and black pepper fragrance is a delicious, exciting, exotic and classy fragrance that will light up any home with tangy and active scents. Heyland and Whittle make a point of using soy wax in their candles, which burns amazingly cleanly and will release scent into your home purely and consistently.

So there you have it – our coconut range here at LoveAroma – packed full of delightful, cleverly made perfumes and fragrances from designers all over the world.

Coconut Scented Candles And Diffusers
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