Village Candle Scented Candles

Being transported to a world of luxury, serenity, relaxation, and sophistication doesn’t have to involve jumping on a plane to somewhere far-flung and expensive, and it doesn’t have to mean indulgent spa visits with countless treatments either. It’s easy to be transported to this serene and magical world of deep relaxation in the four walls of your own home, whilst adding a spot of luxury to your décor, for very little cost indeed.

Add peace and serenity to your space

Village Candle offer a large range of handmade, sensuous candles, which don’t cost the earth, and add peace and tranquillity to any scene, adaptable to different rooms and occasions.

You might think a candle simply can’t make such a difference, but that means you’ve just not found the right one yet!

The large pillar candles which Village Candle offer look fantastic as part of any living room or bedroom décor, and you could even add them to your bathroom, perfect for those chill-out baths when you simply shut out the world, and turn your thoughts inwards for a while. Decorate your space with colour co-ordinated pillars, or simply buy according to season – the choice is yours.

A range to suit your preferences

A wide range of scents are available, giving you a choice to suit your personal favourites. A popular one is the Outdoors range, with By the Seashore – Soy Accents a delicious blend of exotic water lotus, sea jasmine, and marine accord, in a beautiful, calming blue package to suit a bathroom, for instance. In addition, maybe you would like to try the Apples N’ Acorns candle, part of the Fruits range, with a fresh and light scent of sweet apples combined with the earthy oak, perfect for summer. For something a little more creamy and sophisticated, why not try Black Cherry combined with an overtone of vanilla, great for a bedroom or living room space.

The Florals collection is also very popular, and another great choice for summer, with the Lavish Bouquet a wonderful choice of wild blossoms, green leaves, and white heather to infuse your senses with the outdoors.

Treat yourself to luxury

Whichever scent you go for, you can be assured of high quality and a long burning times. It obviously depends on the size you go for, but on average, an 8oz glass pillar will burn up to 45 hours, with a 21oz variety burning for up to 90 hours. This gives great value for money, and offers a real treat for the senses, for very little cash – no need for a plane ticket or spa admission!  

Dot a few candles around your room and save for special occasions, or burn for a couple of hours on a nightly basis to chill you out before bed, casting away your cares and allowing a deep and peaceful slumber when you finally retire for the night.

Discover Village Candle, and discover luxury in your own home.

Village Candle Scented Candles

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