Baby Powder by Yankee Candle

Discover the wonderful Baby Powder from Yankee Candle. Shop the complete range of Baby Powder by Yankee Candle at Love Aroma. Yankee Candle's Baby Powder is a scent that truly does evoke memories of a freshly washed child, powdered and ready for bed. It reminds us of our little ones when they are all washed and snuggled up in bed. Baby Powder spreads this wonderful fragrance and tenderly rinses the soul, providing for it a delicate touch of purity.

Throughout life, one of the most fulfilling things any human can do is look after a baby – feed them, wash them, and finally put them to bed. Yankee Candle hope to recreate that warm, calm feeling with their baby powder fragrance range that celebrates the care mothers give to their babies and celebrates one of the most well-remembered scents from that special time. Our Yankee Candle Baby Powder range has been very carefully formulated by expert chemists and scent specialists to bring the very best of bedtime out, in a scent that celebrates your home and family.

If you’re dubious as to how pleasant the smell of baby powder could be in your home, we suggest trying out the scent with our low-price Baby Powder Sampler Votive.

Baby Powder by Yankee Candle

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